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Does running make you smarter?


I made the resolution to run or walk every day as a way to gain some free time to think, and because I find running to be a great way to work through anything that’s on my mind.  However, according to the New York Times yesterday, it could be making me smarter too, or at least keeping my brain more active:

I guess we all knew this, but a little affirmation is nice every now and then.

Just plain HOT


Ninety-Two in the Shade

Here’s a tidbit of wisdom — July is not the time to resurrect a running habit in Florida. Unlike my husband and kids, I don’t really sweat a lot when exercising, so, while it’s nice to be a little cooler-natured than they are,  it’s easy for me to overheat. Todd described my skin color as “grayish-purple” just now. Maybe I’ll try running before 1 pm next time.

We’ve agreed that I’ll just swim while we’re in Belize. It won’t have the same “mind-clearing” effect for me, but maybe it will help me get in a little better shape to return to the running habit when we get home. I have to admit – I’m so out of shape right now, that all my concentration on the run was spent on just moving forward. I’d like to get back to a fitness level where I don’t have to count every step of the run as a way to convince myself to keep running.

One-onethousand, Two-onethousand, Three-onethousand, Four-onethousand…