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Will the Real America Please Stand Up?


So, I’m not a Bushite, but when the alternative is Donald Trump, Jeb’s simple human decency stands out. A few quotes from this article worth thinking about as we head into the Florida primary:

“He’s entertaining,” [Bush said] of Trump, “unless you’re a woman, or Hispanic, or a disabled person. But it’s not so entertaining when you get disparaged.”

Bush: “It’s not strong to denigrate people. It’s a sign of weakness.”

“When one voter mentioned that she had a special-needs child, Jeb spoke with tremendous passion and fluency about educational solutions for developmentally disabled kids. Please recall that Trump mocked a disabled man by making gimpy arm motions.”

Personal note -if Trump could make fun of a disabled reporter on national television, what do you think he’d have to say about this little guy?

Owen on the Rock in WV 12-30-15

And all of this says nothing about The Donald’s terrifying foreign policy agenda.

Next time you stop to pray for America, remember that America is not just made up of angry rich white billionaires, but also of people of color, people with disabilities, the sick, the poor, people of different faiths, and a whole lot of children of immigrants (unless you are Native American, this means you!).

So if you do pray, pray for all of us, and for us to be a country that chooses compassion over hate this election season.




I will let tomorrow take care of tomorrow

and enjoy today while it lasts.Owen in WV - IMG_0828 Upside down

What if…..


What a great idea!

Just Like You – Down Syndrome



This is a great video for those of us who love someone, know someone, or know someone who loves someone with Down Syndrome.

Owen gives it two thumbs up.

For more information on this important campaign take a look at the Just Like You webpage.

Not All Babies Are Cute


But this one certainly is:

Valentina Guerrero model with down syndrome

What a sweet smile!

She’s the new face of designer Dolores Cortez‘s 2013 children’s swimwear line. And she has Down Syndrome.

I know another baby who’d make a GREAT model:

He’s pretty cute too.

Any takers? Target? Nordstrom? We await your call.