Just plain HOT


Ninety-Two in the Shade

Here’s a tidbit of wisdom — July is not the time to resurrect a running habit in Florida. Unlike my husband and kids, I don’t really sweat a lot when exercising, so, while it’s nice to be a little cooler-natured than they are,  it’s easy for me to overheat. Todd described my skin color as “grayish-purple” just now. Maybe I’ll try running before 1 pm next time.

We’ve agreed that I’ll just swim while we’re in Belize. It won’t have the same “mind-clearing” effect for me, but maybe it will help me get in a little better shape to return to the running habit when we get home. I have to admit – I’m so out of shape right now, that all my concentration on the run was spent on just moving forward. I’d like to get back to a fitness level where I don’t have to count every step of the run as a way to convince myself to keep running.

One-onethousand, Two-onethousand, Three-onethousand, Four-onethousand…


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