Back from Vacation


And thanks to this random guy who happened to be posing when I took the picture.

Haven’t you ever wondered about other people’s vacation pictures you are in? I wonder if I look better in their pictures than I do in my own?

I’d post a picture of my family, or the mountains, or the lake,  but, thanks to our continuing camera fail, the only other pictures we have are either on my parents’ camera or my husband’s phone.


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    • Yes, we liked the servants’ quarters too — though mostly we noted how the servants’ rooms were nicer than our house. (There was no comparing ourselves to the REST of the Biltmore!)

  1. Arrrggghh – hate the camera fail; I too have been a victim many times. So it’s a good thing you got this one really nice shot! The Biltmore is on my bucket-list – need to get there.

    • We’re starting to make a habit of taking vacations with no working cameras or cell phones. We joke that we’re making memories in our minds! 🙂

  2. The last big trip I went on, my boyfriend and I came home with over 1,000 photos between us. It was Egypt, but still. I started wondering if we’d spent to much time behind the lens and not enough time enjoying Egypt. I bet having no camera made your experiences a little bit more engaging.

    Hope you had fun and welcome back to the real world.

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