On the Bookshelf, Part 1


On the bookshelf (No, this isn't my house, but I wish it was)

I’ve added a new page to the blog. It’s still in rough form, but the fact is, I’ve been waiting and waiting to add this until I had time to do it right, and I’ve finally figured out that such a time will never come. This list was partly inspired by an ongoing problem of mine. Whenever I would hear about a good book, I’d add it to my “holds” list at the library. Then somehow I’d end up checking out 35 books all at the same time, and having to return half of them before I’d gotten a chance to read them. My new (and hopefully slightly better) plan is to add them to this list, and only check them out from the library when (shocking!) I don’t already have 25+ other things checked out. So…take a look at the new “On the Bookshelf” and let me know what you think of my current list, and what you would add.


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  1. Great idea. I have a hard time with too many library books too. I have started keeping track on Goodreads so that I don’t have to worry about buying and checking out too many books all at once.

    Sadly it also makes me feel like a loser because it is also a social networking site for readers. I only have time for a handful of online social networks, and have not had time to make “friends” there. If you do join and need a first friend, here I am: http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/5077987-liz-hellebuyck

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