Ella is inspired to wear shorts


Ella is inspired to wear shorts

even though it’s 40 degrees outside.

She knows her own mind well.

She’d rather be cold in shorts

than wear jeans and be warm.

The willfulness of 4-year-olds

isn’t always consistent with good sense.

But we love her spirit and

the strong woman she will become.

This post was created as part of Six Word Fridays.


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  1. I always hid my sons shorts so he would not be inspired to wear them in winter. I always try to let him wear what he wants. (Dad a little less so) He went through a phase of wearing shirts backwards so he could see the big picture on the back. and underwear, too for the same reason.

  2. my little one isn’t old enough yet to make her own clothing decisions but she definitely knows what she likes and doesn’t like. i anticipate a similar situation to that of your Emma in a few years. 😉

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