Something old, something new…


After months of wishing for more time to devote to writing of any sort, resenting a little the amount of time the rest of my family spends on our only computer, and dreaming of purchasing a new MacBook just for me, it dawned on me that all I really need is a computer that can run Word. And that my old laptop, though perilously ancient, probably had enough life left in it for such a simple task. The problem was, somewhere along the way the old laptop began functioning so slowly you could paint a house in the time it took to load programs. This is not conducive to reaching the elusive state of “flow” (unless house painting has that effect on you, in which case, please send me a quote for painting a 1,500 square foot ranch).

Now, after about two hours of work last night, I think I’ve gotten the old laptop to a functioning state. Of course, by the time I re-booted it five times and deleted every non-essential program I could find, it was so late that it was too late to actually test it. And I’m concerned that there may still be some background spyware that caused the slowdown in the first place. Any hints on how to completely clean a computer (without hooking it up to the Internet) would be greatly appreciated.

Next, of course, I must actually use the computer…


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  1. Aw darn. Write anyway! Having a fancy moleskin journal makes me want to write more but any notepad will do. And I can take it anywhere, write while I’m waiting for someone to show up for lunch or in the dr’s waiting room. Of course the issue then is sharing it with “the world(ww)” but sometimes my writing is as much for me as it is for others.

  2. Hi J – how about a note from an old friend. Amanda let me know about your blog and I think it is wonderful. Please keep us posted on your writing adventure – best of luck, Kathy

  3. Thanks Kathy! I’m so glad to hear from you. I’ve been having a blast with the blog and am really enjoying exploring my creative side again. If nothing else, it’s great to have something fun to think about during loooong boring meetings!

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