The Beauty of Lists


I’ve written briefly about how crazy the last few weeks have been. Over the weekend, while checking in on my dad after his surgery, I found myself getting really stressed out about how unorganized I felt. This is a common problem for me when I’ve been away from home a lot. I lose track of the housework, of my personal goals, of cooking good meals for the family, of my clients’ needs, and pretty much everything else. A short walk (with my dad) and a quick run helped soothe my mind (as usual), and on the drive home, I found myself making mental lists of the things I wanted to do but haven’t had time for this past month. After we got home, I took out my planner and started writing them down. Just writing down the things I’d like to accomplish brings a sense of peace and hopefulness, even when I know it will take weeks to get through them.

I’m glad to have reached this state of peace. I know deep inside that in years to come, I’ll never regret the time I’ve spent with my parents in the past few weeks. I’ll also never regret the little things we’ve been doing to try to help out Todd’s parents during a very difficult time for them. It’s a relief to find a small way to reduce my current stress so that we can make the most of this time.


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