I’m back!


As my regular readers (if there are any) may have noticed, I’ve been away for almost two weeks. Todd and I have had quite a lot of things going on in our extended family, and have had to move our focus to those immediate matters for a bit. Not that everything has cleared up now, but at least I’m back at home (for a few days) and looking forward to getting back into the old routine. Who would have thought that a couple of weeks of craziness would actually make me MISS work a little bit? Or at least miss the regularity of going to work every day.

I thought, for some reason, that waiting around in hospitals would mean plenty of time to read and reflect — which goes to show that I’ve never spent much time waiting around in hospitals!

Of course, the next few days at work are going to be crazy, trying to catch up from being out suddenly. Then, next week, we work only three days before heading off for our mental and emotional long-weekend retreat in the Finger Lakes. In other words, next week will be crazy too. I’ll try to start getting back on track with this project, and the blog, but it may be the very end of September before things really start calming down again.


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