Update on August Goals – Clearing out Obstacles to Success.


Worked on the Pile of Stuff for about an hour on Saturday. Although it looks like no progress has been made at all, I’m hoping that having begun, I’ll have more inspiration to finish. Unfortunately, this is another multi-phase, long project . The Pile of Stuff mostly consists of about five years of photos and memorabilia that need to be sorted, and then put in some form where it could actually be looked at…and yes, I have actually thought about this stuff, and wished I could pull it out and look at it. Throwing it all away isn’t an option for me. However, I want to keep both the sorting and the putting away as simple as possible so this doesn’t turn into a 6-month long project. Right now, I’m sorting the Pile into shoeboxes that are labeled for the period of time to which the Stuff pertains. After that, I’ll look at each box of Stuff and decide how best to put it away. With Labor Day weekend coming up, I’ll work towards getting this finished up by September 7.

Meanwhile, Todd has taken over the task of comparing our monthly expenses to our budget (Thank you!).


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