Friday Finance Update, on Saturday, and with help from Emma


Emma is sitting on my lap singing her ABCs and “Twinkle Twinkle” as I type this. Mostly she just wanted to see her name on the computer screen…

Yes, I’m a day late on the update. Yesterday was a busy one. We went to Connor’s school to meet his new teacher, and then picked up a couple of his friends for an end-of-summer sleepover. Lots of fun and craziness in this house!

Anyway, the financial organization effort is coming along much better now. We have just a few more accounts to enter into Quicken, and then we’ll finally have a good picture of where we are. Based on the current schedule, stage 1 of the “Understanding the Finances” project should be finished tomorrow.  I know it may seem like it’s taken a long time to get the information entered — for a variety of reasons, we have far too many different accounts. One of the longer term financial tasks we’ll need to do is to really examine all these accounts to decide if we are well diversified, or if we just have a bunch of the same kind of investments in a lot of different places.

The next step will be to start examining our budget. Right now, we have a budget based on what we have, with a certain amount set aside for savings and upcoming expenses. I want to see what our actual spending needs really are.

Emma says it’s time to go swimming, so I’m done for now. More to come next week!


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