Progress on this Month’s Goal – Clearing out the Obstacles to Success


Yesterday was a great day for clearing the clutter. After two years of procrastination, I finally attacked the master bedroom closet. I completely emptied it out, collected three bags of shoes and clothes and two shoeracks for Goodwill, and filled the trash can with the rest of the shoes that were too sad-looking to give away. One obstacle down! Amazing how good that felt. I’m still smiling. Plus, this project had the added benefit of making Todd really, really happy. For the first time since our marriage, he’s able to put all his hanging clothes in our bedroom closet. I think Connor’s going to be thrilled too when he finds out he doesn’t have to share his closet with his dad anymore.

For this week, I’m back to Quicken. I’ll still be working on just adding a few accounts each night. We have both kids, and three sleepovers scheduled for this week, so getting a little bit done each day will be the best way to handle it. I’d like to get back to the Big Pile of Stuff as well. It’s really reached a point of constant, nagging, frustration for me and I need to get that mess cleared out so I can devote time and space to doing the things I’d really like to be doing.


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