Trying not to do too much too soon


Me, on Quicken

Well, I started the Great Quicken Project, and yes, it is just as overwhelming as I feared it would be. To try to keep myself from giving up on this (like last time) I have created a schedule for entering the (far too numerous) accounts and updating the last 7 months of entries in the checking account. I wouldn’t bother with the updating part, but I am just a little too neurotic, and it bothers me that all the yearly reports will be skewed to “clothing” as the main purchase. For some reason, Quicken has chosen to label about half the entries as clothing. Crazy.

I’ve also been reading a “know thyself” career change book this weekend. In some ways the assessments are obvious, but I’m finding it’s helpful just to think about those things intentionally. Maybe later I’ll do a post describing the assessment results. Small steps, but at least it is something.


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