Short term memory


As I try to think of something to say in today’s entry, I’m realizing that I need to start keeping notes during the day. At various times during the last two days, I thought of several things that I want to explore as part of this project, but now I can’t think of any of them. Obviously, I can’t count on inspiration striking at exactly the moment when I have time to sit at the computer. I guess that should be obvious. It’s actually kind of a useful thought for any writing projects as well. Certainly I’ve tried before to sit down and write and been stuck with a hopelessly empty brain.

One thought — the C.S. Lewis quotes are not entire apropos to nothing. I’ve been thinking of writing a children’s story with some mid-eastern influences. To that end, I’ve been reading the Arabian Nights (for flavor, and getting into the right mindset), and have been reading some other histories of the Persian empire, etc. Some of this reading reminded me of The Horse and His Boy, which also reminded me that C.S. Lewis used a lot of Turkish words in the Chronicles of Narnia. Which, in a very indirect way, led me to the two quote I posted — both of which have profoundly influenced my outlook on life


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