Writing a Little Every Day


I’ve been debating for the last few days whether the blogging aspect of this project is truly a means to an end, or part of the end itself. For one thing, I’ve been spending way too much time figuring out how to set up the blog itself. I keep wondering – “Shouldn’t I be spending this time working doing something related to one of my “Ideas”? But already I’ve noticed that the simple act of writing a blog entry every day (even for just this few days) is creating in me an urge to write all the time. One of my main concerns about all of the “Ideas,” has been whether I would enjoy following any of  these paths long term, or whether my interest is limited to the dabbling I’ve done for most of my life. Of course, the few minutes I’m devoting to this right now can’t be a true assessment of what full immersion would be like, but it’s a start.


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